De-Risking Your RNA Therapeutic Safety & Tolerability with Optimized & Stable Non-Viral Formulations, Enhanced Conjugation Strategies & Improved Targeted Extrahepatic Delivery To Achieve Clinical Success

Welcome to the 3rd Non-Viral RNA Delivery Systems Summit

Driving Efficacious RNA Therapeutics with Next Generation Delivery Vehicles

Delivery remains the biggest challenge so far for the RNA community, to get RNA-based therapies to the right cell type with specificity, tolerability and effective targeting.

To address this, RNA science and delivery experts will be uniting at the 3rd Non-Viral RNA Delivery Systems Summit in Boston this October to showcase and deep-dive into the hottest and latest non-viral delivery systems, including novel and innovative LNPs, exosomes, polymers, peptides and more, for RNA-specific payloads, overcoming IP challenges in addition to toxicity and immunogenicity hurdles to advance potent and efficacious therapeutics towards patients in need.

This is your prime opportunity to learn, share and collaborate with 80+ Formulation, Delivery and Chemistry experts including Scientists, Directors, Heads of and VPs from the likes of AstraZenecaSanofiModernaNovo NordiskTessera Therapeutics, Omega Therapeutics and more to advance the next generation of delivery vehicles from discovery through to clinic beyond traditional LNPs with improved endosomal escape and extra-hepatic targeting.

What's New for 2024?

Data Driven Presentations:

gRNA for Genetic Medicines

Hear data driven presentations covering novel and innovative non-viral delivery platforms for RNA payloads including mRNA, siRNA, saRNA and now gRNA for genetic medicines to ensure safe and specific delivery to treat a wide landscape of diseases.

Brand New Companies:

Hear From 80+ Experts

Brand new companies sharing insights at the 2024 meeting, hear from the likes of Capricor Therapeutics, Moderna, Vesigen Therapeutics, Corti Therapeutics, Tessera Therapeutics, Sanofi and more, to stay ahead of the curve.

Technical Content:

Your One-Stop Shop

In 2024, even more technical content is being showcased. This meeting is your one-stop shop, uniting technical experts from top RNA companies, who are truly shaping and advancing non-viral delivery systems to capitalize on the full potential of RNA therapeutics in a broad range of diseases.

Top Reasons to Attend:

HEAR TECHNICAL INSIGHTS– Listen to niche technical industry dedicated insights into novel non-viral RNA delivery cargoes that overcome bottlenecks in toxicity and extrahepatic targeting of RNA therapies with Corti Therapeutics and Tessera Therapeutics

GO BEYOND LNPs– Delve into exosomes, polymers, peptides, protein-conjugates, alternative LNPs and more to enable cell-specific delivery of RNA-based therapeutics and vaccines with Capricor Therapeutics, Vesigen Therapeutics and Replicate Biosciences

COLLABORATE, MEET & LEARN– Network with like-minded functions and companies, including the likes of Moderna, Novo Nordisk, Beam Therapeutics, Omega Therapeutics, and Sanofi, working in delivery technologies and RNA formulation to drive efficacious RNA therapies

Expert Speakers Include:

2024 Partners

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" I am excited to see how leading researchers in the field are improving the scope and safety of non-viral RNA delivery approaches."