Why Attend the Non-Viral RNA Delivery Systems Summit?

RNA Therapeutics and vaccines are truly disrupting the industry as they are cost-effective, relatively simple to manufacture, and can target previously undruggable pathways. However, targeted, stable and effective delivery, remains as the biggest bottleneck for all types of RNA-based therapeutics, holding the industry back from truly unleashing their full therapeutic potentials.

The inaugural Non-Viral RNA Delivery Systems Summit has the sole purpose of bringing together the largest community of RNA Delivery, Formulation and Process Development experts to discuss the future of non-viral drug delivery systems for safe, effective and targeted delivery of a wide range of RNA payloads.

From delivery of mRNA to RNAi and microRNA, this industry-led summit will delve deep into cutting-edge non-viral drug delivery systems including but not limited to exosome-based, lipid nanoparticles, polymeric-based and hybrid delivery vectors to overcome formulation, process development and clinical translation challenges currently facing the RNA community.

80+ movers and shakers of the field from the likes AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Eli Lilly and CureVac to discussed the latest advancements, remaining challenges and future trends of emerging non-viral drug delivery systems with improved formulation, distribution and tissue specificity for targeted, safe and durable delivery of RNA therapeutics and vaccines in oncology, CNS and beyond.

Top 5 reasons to attend:

Expand Therapeutic Applications with Emerging Non-Viral RNA Delivery Systems

Hear from the likes of AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly & CureVac on how next generation non-viral RNA delivery systems are shaping the future of RNA therapeutics and vaccines towards successful application in a broad range of diseases such as oncology and CNS

Discover Novel LNP & Alternative Technologies to Increase Specificity & Efficacy

Explore the latest advancements in novel LNP and alternative technologies to improve target specificity and efficacy. Hear expert insights into the hottest modalities from Sanofi, Tiba Biotech & University of Pennsylvania

Learn About the Latest Improvements of Non-Viral Delivery Systems for the Delivery of a Broad Range of RNA Payloads

Delve into pioneering ways to improve the design of nonviral RNA delivery systems for mRNAs, oligonucleotides and microRNAs. Hear from the like of MD Anderson Cancer Center, Sirnaomics & LNPnewCo on the emerging strategies to enhance design strategies

Increase Tissue Specific & Extrahepatic Delivery through
Optimizing Formulation & Design

With targeted, effective and safe delivery remaining a key challenge of non-viral RNA delivery systems, immerse yourself in the new formulation and design approaches to increase tissue specific delivery with insights from Northeastern University, Entos Pharmaceuticals & Capricor Therapeutics

Delve into the emerging Engineering, Formulation & Packaging Methods to Improve Non-Viral RNA Delivery & Stability

Explore new methods and strategies to engineer, formulate and package RNA payloads to enhance targeted, stable and effective delivery with insights from AstraZeneca, Vesigen Therapeutics & Ultragenyx

What Previous Attendees of our RNA Conference Series Have to Say:

Sirnaomics' Company Logo

“This summit will be a great opportunity for scientists to share and exchange the progress and development in the RNA field. I look forward to meeting the field leaders soon”

Xiaoyong Lu, Director of Chemistry & Oligonucleotide Delivery, Sirnaomics

“Non-viral RNA delivery platforms have long been in academic domain. However, the last 5 years has witnessed this field enter large scale production and commercialization at a light speed. On one hand this meteoric progress has been fuelled by plethora of scientific and technological advancements, and on the other, it has pointed out key challenges that still needs to be addressed. This meeting will provide valuable knowledge from leading Pharma scientists and researchers to help identifying key challenges and opportunities in this dynamic space”

Shayak Samaddar, Research Scientist, Eli Lilly


"Very good opportunity to see scientific achievements and industrial advancements providing a rich overview of the state of the art and current knowledge."

Previous Attendee of the RNA Series of Conferences, University of Montreal