2023 Partners


           Innovation Parner

For pharmaceutical companies developing sustained release drug delivery strategies, Celanese offers the VitalDose® Drug Delivery Platform, providing long-acting controlled release of small molecules, biologics, and RNA. The Celanese Development & Feasibility Lab provides customized support and services to enable innovative drug delivery within your desired release profile. To Learn More, visit: www.celanese.com


Phoreus Biotech

Innovation Partner

Phoreus Biotech is the exclusive leader in peptide nanoparticle (PNP) platforms with the immense potential to transform the delivery of RNA vaccines and therapeutics. Our cutting-edge technology serves as a nano-delivery system that effectively addresses the delivery challenges associated with this new class of medicine. At Phoreus, we are dedicated to enhancing the delivery of RNA vaccines and therapeutics, eliminating the need for costly cold chain requirements, and revolutionizing the efficacy, safety, and targeted-delivery capabilities of both existing and novel pharmaceuticals.



Innovation Partner

Quantify and characterize the nanoparticles (NPs) in your formulations with the NanoAnalyzer by NanoFCM. Thousands of individual particles are counted, sized, and interrogated for their cargo in just minutes. Describe the proportion of loaded NPs and the distribution of your therapeutic within the successfully loaded population with versatile fluorescent labelling protocols to build a comprehensive assessment of your formulations.