Innovation Partner 

NanoFCM is helping scientists deliver the next generation of nanomedicines
by providing reliable quantitative measurements of the single nanoparticle
size, concentration, and phenotyping. We are enabling new methods of
nanoparticle analysis, providing invaluable data for process and product
development from research stage through commercial release.

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Exhibition Partner

For nearly 30 years we have helped the world’s most innovative bio/
pharmaceutical companies to navigate the challenges of new product
development, drug delivery, production, and market release. We provide
a broad range of cGMP, GLP, GCP laboratory services, with a focus on
support for the development and production of mRNA, oligos, peptides,
biologics, or vaccines. We are adept in establishing GMP validated analytical
methods including mRNA specific methods such as integrity, potency,
capping efficiency, sequencing, Poly(A) Tail, residual DNA template, residual
dsRNA and delivery system testing (e.g. lipid nanoparticles (LNPs)). These
comprehensive characterisation services provide data to determine protein
expression and product purity, which can be directly linked to translation
efficiency and immunogenicity. We also provide ICH stability and formulation
development programs and have leading expertise in the product development
of inhaled and nasal drugs. Our outsourcing contracts are flexible and can be tailored to your specific timelines, requirements, and budgets. Contact us today to ensure your mRNA product’s safety, efficacy, and quality.